Visiting the Ferme des Courmettes


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Welcome to The Ferme des Courmettes, in the commune of Tourettes-sur-Loup, situated in the foothills of the Alps above the Côte d’Azur at an altitude of 800 mètres.

A mode of environnementally friendly farming

It is here, in the beautiful nature reserve of the domaine des Courmettes, that we rase our herf of 80 alpine-chamoisée goats and produce a wide range of organic goats’ cheeses.

The goats gaze the mediterranean végetation of the reserve (leaves of field maple, green oak, brambles, broom….), with their diet complemented by hay (in winter) cut from our meadows, and organic maize. After a five month pregnancy, they give birth in February and March, which starts off the their lactation and thus begins the season. From the end of April thy spend the nights outside and we only bring them in for the milking, twice a day.

Throughout autumn, the level of milk gradually delines and the last goats finish production in November.

Evering morning we produce cheeseand the milk. Our formagerie adheres to European norms and the cheese and milk are regularly analysed by the veterinary services of the Alpes-Maritimes.

 A huge choice of goat cheeses

The range of the cheeses include :

  • Fresh natural
  • Fresh natural with Presto
  • Fresh with Olives
  • Fresh with Herbs (de provence)
  • Fresh with Pepper
  • Fresh with Chives
  • Bûches (in ashes)
  • Tomme des Courmettes
  • Tommes des Colline
  • Mature cheeses
  • Stronger cheeses

We sell the cheese directly from the farm, or you can find it in the restaurants and shops listed on the  » où trouver nos produits » page.

Discovering our Farm and cheeses in other way

We welcome groups of all ages to the farm, and through reservation can provide guided tours, cheese-tasting and practical cheese-making sessions. Brino Gabelier also wrtites poems, and a poetry readeing can be incorporated into the itinerary should you so wish. All activities take place outsided, and we recommend that vehicle lenght be limited to 10 metres. A road map and the directions of the farm can be found on the previous page.

For further information and reservations, please see our address on the  » Contact » page.

The farm is open every day, with preference in the mornings (until midday) and the evenings.




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